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2015-10-06 17:34:51 by Forsiller

2 Songs, but still yo :/

I have been on SOUNDCLOUD for a while now, so please check out out my profile on Soundcloud
or two of my song on, yess, yes... SPOTIFY !
To me that means that ANYONE can make it sith some willpower och no, just a hobby that can guide you to  happinrd and fortune in friends and stuff... Just to have my music appreciatec warms my soul :,)

So if anyone wants to stay updsted.. <<threr eill br motr mudic. LOTS och work in progress ATM,

Anyway: SoundCloud

väska i skogen - Luke Woods (thats me, trying to figure out a more international stagename)
Spotihgy: en väsks i skogen

I am forever greatfull to have met Jorge Gon
I am on SPOTIFY now with two songs :D
And my new, well, "Stage//NickName" is Luke Woods_alias_Forsiller"
I some new tunes that are rellativly new, whe're talkinh amonth tops...

I am flattreed ´Dude//Dudess)Dudoth I'l send you domr of my musi c anyay..
DO you havr an @mail adresss ? Or facebook..
S physical mailbox for that matter and I can send you a signed CD with.. well Music"
I wuld be clad to =)




2013-08-10 13:50:59 by Forsiller

More Hardstyle is comming up! I have all the right tweex, FX and sounds that I need (I finally found them)!
Hardstyle is going to bee the main theme of all my upcomming gigs and records, that's why the production of Hardstyle is boosted heaps ATM.
Stay sharp and warm up your shuffle people!

Techno samples/fx

2009-03-02 14:05:37 by Forsiller

Hello everybody, I'm looking for some FREE hardstyle (or other) samples or FX and what not, so if anyone has a link to a site where I can get these FREE hardstyle (or other) samples or FX and what not I would be glad if you could give/send them to me in a comment or a message or whatever.
I'm just looking for some new inspirational sounds, would be fun to uppgrade my library a bit :)

I hate to be a pain in the rear end but I really prefer WAV sounds before Mp3.... just so you know!