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Techno samples/fx

2009-03-02 14:05:37 by Forsiller

Hello everybody, I'm looking for some FREE hardstyle (or other) samples or FX and what not, so if anyone has a link to a site where I can get these FREE hardstyle (or other) samples or FX and what not I would be glad if you could give/send them to me in a comment or a message or whatever.
I'm just looking for some new inspirational sounds, would be fun to uppgrade my library a bit :)

I hate to be a pain in the rear end but I really prefer WAV sounds before Mp3.... just so you know!


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2009-06-08 14:44:26

idk, "" :P Just know that website. :P


2013-06-20 18:27:00

Just search around the internet!

The YouTube user fuckableteam has quite a few free hardstyle sample packs lying around. I think his website is veryhardstyle(dot)com but don't quote me on that- It should be on his YouTube page.